Best Stocks To Invest In 2022

Top 6 Best Stocks To Invest In 2022 - Daily Finance Facts

Many investors are unsure where to begin because there are literally hundreds of publicly listed firms to choose from, not to mention the numerous ETFs and mutual funds available. While I don’t have a crystal ball that can tell me which stocks will provide me the highest returns, I’ve done my best here. In this article, I’ll examine equities that I believe will be good buys in 2022 for long-term investors wanting to invest.

Here are the Best Stocks To Invest In 2022

1. Etsy

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, Etsy was doing well by connecting crafts artisans with shoppers searching for something a little different than standard e-commerce fare. During the pandemic, all e-commerce had a significant increase, but Etsy exploded, rising at a rate more than double that of general e-commerce. Etsy’s development has been outstanding across all product categories, but it surely helped that it was a natural fit when customers sought unique face masks.

ETSY-Top 6 Best Stocks To Invest In 2022 - Daily Finance Facts

As you can see from the rest of this list, I’m drawn to strong platforms. Make no mistake about it: Etsy is one of them. Few e-commerce businesses survive going head-to-head with Amazon. When Amazon launched its own handcrafted things site, Etsy not only survived, but it triumphed. Etsy’s market opportunity is in the hundreds of billions of dollars, yet it has just scratched the surface due to its platform and brand power.

2. Tesla (TSLA)

Tesla has been outperforming forecasts for years, with a 31 percent year-to-date gain in 2021, following up on an astonishing 700 percent rise in 2020. More improvements may be on the way in 2022. After years of losses, the firm has turned around and is now expected to earn $8.17 per share in 2022, according to experts. Furthermore, Tesla will establish two additional gigafactories in Texas and Germany in 2022, which would significantly enhance its manufacturing. Tesla is on an inexorable upward trajectory, with a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion.

3. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH)

Norwegian Cruise Line may pique your curiosity for a 2022 investment if you’re a risk taker. The cruise stocks took a beating in 2020, when it appeared that they might all go out of business during the peak of the epidemic, and some analysts still believe they will never be the same, even if they survive. That is contrasted by the fact that cruise industry was thriving before to the outbreak, and pent-up tourists are anticipated to stream back aboard ships once the virus is over.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH)-Top 6 Best Stocks To Invest In 2022 - Daily Finance Facts

The bottom line for cruise stocks like NCL is that they’re in for a bumpy ride and plenty of financial turbulence until things settle down. However, if you feel the epidemic is nearing its end rather than its beginning, cruise companies are expected to return significantly on the backs of higher pricing and more client demand. Norwegian Cruise Line is is trading 70% below its all-time high of $63.76 reached in 2015.

4. JPMorgan Chase (JPM)

JPMorgan Chase may be in a good spot for 2022. When long-term rates rise, banks often fare better because they may lend money at greater rates while still paying lower short-term rates on deposit accounts. JPMorgan Chase is still a bargain on a relative basis, trading at around 10 times profits and paying a strong 2.49 percent dividend (as of Dec. 16). The majority of the company’s 27 percent year-to-date gain occurred in January, and the price has essentially flattened since then, possibly ready for its next leg up.

5. Walt Disney

Walt Disney (DIS, $104.30) is one of the few companies that has demonstrated its capacity to change quickly. The epidemic had the potential to be Disney’s undoing. For months, its theme parks were shuttered or had restricted capacity. Its film industry was doomed from the start. The cancellation or limitation of most professional sports for months threw ESPN’s sports programming business into disarray.

Disney+ was an instant smash, exceeding all forecasts and propelling Disney’s stock considerably up in 2020. However, in 2022, DIS shares fell down to earth and are now down approximately 44% from their 52-week highs. But there’s a catch: nothing has changed. Disney+ is still proving to be the most formidable Netflix (NFLX) opponent, with an unequaled library of material amassed over the years.

Disney’s movie industry is resurgent, as indicated by the slew of upcoming Marvel superhero films. Did you truly expect the theme parks would be shut down for a long time? The telecom stock is currently trading at a discount to where it was just before the epidemic started. Disney’s empire, on the other hand, has only increased since then. DIS is primed to be one of the finest companies to purchase for 2022, thanks to this and a recent share-price slowdown.


Unless you’re a tech geek, NVIDIA isn’t necessarily a household brand. If you utilize technology at all, you’re almost certainly an end consumer of the company’s semiconductor goods.

The business invented the Visual Processing Unit, or GPU, a computer chip that was developed to increase the graphics capabilities of computers and gaming consoles for the end user. The GPU, on the other hand, has considerably outperformed NVIDIA’s expectations. High-tech computer chips from the firm are now utilized in a variety of servers and data centers. Given the company’s dominance in the data-center industry, it’s likely that its chips are in the server serving you the material you’re reading right now. GPUs are becoming increasingly vital as technological innovation progresses.

NVIDIA-Top 6 Best Stocks To Invest In 2022 - Daily Finance Facts

The firm has demonstrated throughout the years that by continuing to innovate, its chips will be able to stay ahead of the competition. Moving forward, these chips will become increasingly integrated in daily life, playing a key part in the development of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and other future technologies. The stock might also be a good method to get in on the crypto-boom. Not only are investors flocking to cryptocurrencies, but the crypto community is also massively investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and interactive worlds in which to employ them. The demand for GPUs and CPUs is predicted to skyrocket as a result of this trend.

This might be the ideal opportunity to get engaged. On July 20, 2021, NVIDIA performed a four-for-one stock split, giving stockholders four shares at a fourth of the current price for each single share they possess. The change isn’t just for show. Access to the stock has been limited for individuals with less money to invest, with the shares trading over $800 per share. The split essentially reduced the price of each individual share by 75%, lowering it to roughly $200 and making it more affordable for investors with smaller portfolios.

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