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If there are proper NIC drivers present in the folder with the drivers, Acronis Universal Restore will copy them into the restored system and will schedule their installation on Windows boot-up. All the other drivers e. Before applying Universal Restore to a Windows operating system, make sure that you have the drivers for the new HDD controller and the chipset.

These drivers are critical to start the operating system. The best practice is to store drivers for all the hardware used in your organization in a single repository sorted by device type or by the hardware configurations.

You can keep a copy of the repository on a DVD or a flash drive; pick some drivers and add them to the bootable media; create the custom bootable media with the necessary drivers and the necessary network configuration for each of your servers. Or, you can simply specify the path to the repository every time Universal Restore is used. Acronis True Image: credentials are not accepted at acronis-upgrade. Acronis True Image Mac : repeated restart request after installation. Acronis True Image: “The serial number is incorrect” error.

Acronis True Image: solutions guide for Acronis account sign-in and license activation issues. Acronis True Image: “The serial number is registered to another account” error. Acronis True Image Mac : cloning under bootable media fails on Mac with Apple silicon processor: “Unable to create partitions”.

Acronis True Image: Windows system restore points disappear after backup, recovery or disk cloning. Acronis True Image: Backup fails with “There is not enough space on the destination drive to perform a backup”. OST-file is not backed up. Acronis True Image: Backup is shown as “Queued” when no other backups are running. Acronis True Image: Backup to Cloud fails with the error message “Failed to resolve the proxy address”. First cloud backup is slow. Acronis True Image: How to determine if a backup in Acronis Cloud is in old “tib” or new “tibx” format.

Acronis True Image: files and folders are not excluded from backup if there are issues with file system on the backup source. Acronis True Image: Replication fails with error “The disk with your backup data is not connected”. Acronis True Image: false alarm by email about a failed backup. Acronis True Image Validation of all backup versions fails if some of the full backups were removed manually. Acronis True Image: Recovery Fails.

Acronis True Image: Applications don’t work or files are damaged after recovery. Acronis True Image and Mac : System does not boot if only one partition was formatted before recovery. Acronis True Image Linux-based bootable media boots into black screen after selecting any option in the option menu.

Acronis True Image Mac : bootable media creation fails on Mac with Apple silicon processor with error “Cannot format the destination disk”. Acronis True Image using two or more antivirus solutions on the same computer is not recommended. Acronis True Image Antivirus scan hangs on Windows 8. If the Windows Recovery Environment is missing or Acronis Media Builder is unable to detect it, choose the second or third option.

For better compatibility with your hardware, you can select drivers to be added to the media. If some hardware is not detected, re-create the bootable media, this time not skipping this step and adding the drivers.

The drivers must be extracted in a folder so that individual files. If the drivers are in a single. Download and unzip drivers from the computer manufacturer’s website. If you do not need network support, skip “Ethernet”, “Network” and “Wi-Fi”. Sometimes computer manufacturers do not provide the drivers in extractable format, or the PC’s hardware could have been customized afterwards.

One of the most popular drivers that are needed for a successful internal drive recognition, and that are missing in the default clean WinPE media, are Intel RST drivers.

Click here to expand information on how to find the right Intel RST drivers. Download and unzip the latest version of Intel RST drivers that support the hardware where the bootable media will be used. If you are unsure about what model of Intel controller is used, launch Windows Start menu, type cmd, right-click the found result and select “Run as administrator” or “More”-“Run as administrator”, then execute the following command:.

Note that the above command should be run on the computer where the bootable media is intended to be used, not where the media builder is running if these are different computers. Version Please consult your hardware manufacturer to make sure the new hardware is compatible with Windows XP.

You do not have to add the drivers now. You can do this later when you apply Acronis Universal Restore to a machine. Step 4 – Restore your system. Step 5 – Apply Acronis Universal Restore.

Skip to main content. Applies to: Acronis True Image Last update: Restore to dissimilar hardware procedure overview: Validate the backup you want to restore from. Prepare necessary drivers. You need this media to restore from your backup and apply Universal Restore afterwards to make your old system bootable on new hardware.

Connect Acronis Bootable Media to your computer and restart the computer.



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Nov 20,  · Acronis Universal Restore is a free tool available for Acronis customers, which allows you to make the old system bootable on new hardware. This may be useful, for example, after replacing a failed motherboard or when deciding to migrate the system from one computer to Acronis True Image ; Last update: Dec 15,  · Check this page to find solutions for popular technical issues: Acronis Cyber Protect 15 known solutions. Troubleshooting. The following articles will help you to localize, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues effectively: Acronis Cyber Backup and Acronis Cyber Protect how to collect system information. User guide for Acronis True Image on Windows User guide for Acronis True Image on Mac Restoring to dissimilar hardware with Acronis Universal Restore. How to find the serial number of your Acronis product. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, Acronis True Image Installation of third-party Antivirus fails if Acronis Cyber Protect.


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